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What is counselling?

There are many reasons why people engage in counselling.
This can be from the result of a loss, a crisis or a general sense of unhappiness and/or anxiety.

There is a big difference in talking to someone who is not directly involved in your situation and who can be objective.

Here are some examples of the many benefits of counselling:

- Feel less alone with the problem
- Bring clarity to the situation
- Help you to find a new perspective
- Bring about peace of mind
- Help you to find the answers to the problems that you are struggling with
- More able to sort through your thoughts and feelings
- Find a new perspective
- Gain a clearer sense of what you want and need in your life
- Offload your worries
- Untangle personal issues
- Identify old patterns of behavior
- Self discovery and personal development
- Decision making
- To help you move forward in your life

There is no typical counselling session. You are free to discuss what you wish, from everyday events, dilemmas, feelings, and thoughts, to regrets, aspirations, memories and wishes.

Together we can explore the areas in which you are finding yourself stuck and work collaboratively on finding a way forward to find a way that works for you. Some people just want to come to talk and that's fine and others are wanting to change.

The most therapeutic element of counselling is in the relationship between us and how it feels for us to work together. I am focused on providing the right environment for you to talk in complete confidence to me about what is causing you distress.

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